Letter from Rosa Mae to Gean
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Atlanta, Ga.
March 3, 1939,

Mr. Gean McCullough
My dear Bro and Family

We are all sure glad to hear from you my heart like to stopped when I read you letter for I have heart troubles any how and I was so excited I red a little at the time. We have all often wondered where you was some said you must be dead but I always felt like you wasnt. this leaves all well except my self. I have got the flue the worse kinde. Almost had pneumonia been in bed since Monday. Can’t write laying down but [illegible] read it would of wrote sooner but Roy had your letter with your add and went down to Uncle Joe’s. Raymond is here. He lives across town, Ralph is down below College Park about 14 miles working on W.P.A. Roy did work on it but I think he has quit to go to the country. Clyde is here, she married Rube Tarbush about 5 year ago. Nellie is married and has a little boy about 10 or 11 mo old. Ward is guarding convicts at Reidsville Ga. at the Tattnall Prison, Alvin hasnt been heard from in about 5 years. Asa left here in July 1929 and died in Rock Hill, S.C. in 1932. I still work at the exposition off and on. Have been working now 4 or 5 mo. Bernice is as large as me now. My other little girl died that was a little baby when you saw us last 2 or 3 mo old. She lived to be 10 mo old and I had a little boy to die 6 weeks old right after her. so I’ve only got Bernice and thank the lord for her. I don’t see how I could do without her, she is the sweetest thing. I wish I could see you and your family. Am glad you married that is if you are settled. For Roy and Ralph will never marry and settle down. Raymond married about 8 years ago to Ruby Stue but they just live together a while at the time, they haven’t got any kids and my self I waited til the very last to tell on my self. I have married so many times till I was sorter ashamed to tell on my self. Haha. I married Gilbert Lee 3 years ago. Well I just got lonesome staying by my self just me and Bernice and working every day of the world and I’m getting old but not gray. Clyde is pretty gray headed. And Poor Son that’s what we all call Raymond. he is nearly bald headed. but dont ever mention it to him when you write for it sure do get him. he gets mad over it too. We all kinder set him, I seen your pictures you sent Roy. You sure do look fine and your wife is real pretty. I always loved Raymond’s wife and Alvins, I no I would love yours too. I want you all to send me some pictures of all of you and the children too.

Well I feel so bad and cough so much and can’t write laying in bed I guess I’ll have to quit for this time, sure am happy to hear from you. Ans real soon, and tell your wife to write she’s my little sister same as Ruby and Iva, by by your sister

Rosa Lee

I forgot to tell you I live at 580 Fowler St where you wrote to Roy, been here nearly 3 year. but won’t be here but 3 or 4 more mos for the Government is going to tare these houses down and build appartments here so every body will have to move, but you write to 580 Fowler St NW, guess we will move out the edge of town so we can have a cow and hogs but haven’t found a place yet.

So ans soon.