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Ideas from THE MOVIEGOER–“creosote” as descriptor for the ashy/heat taste in cigarettes or overly dark coffee. “Pipestem pants”. Just like the sound.

Incredibly close to be being done with the manuscript. Maybe just a couple of thousand words, maybe ten, but everything’s moving quickly with the downhill momentum of resolutions trying to pull themselves out. It makes me uneasy, like I’m rushing, and it’s a strange feeling to know each time I stop writing, I’ve worked a bit closer to a very near finish when for the past several years it always felt like throwing pebbles into a well.

Rushed or not shouldn’t matter–everything ought to be fixable in editing. The first draft ought to be nothing more than a big slab of marble about the same proportions as the intended statue. I’ve always gotten lazy and impatient and discouraged with edits though and rushed to call it done. Hopefully not this time.