All but done
{ posted: Friday, 14 September, 2018 at 11:19pm // views: 77 // words: 233 }

Stopping for the night at 122,838 words. Not going to bother updating my little word count tool again with another guess. Only one scene left to put down, anywhere between 1-4,000 words, I’d imagine.

The final spurt I had tonight did nothing to help my concerns about rushing through the end, as it took a central event and split it up with short, interconnected vignettes that tied most everything all up. It’s a sort of motif that I used at another point (to a lesser extent) and arguably doesn’t mesh with the rest of the narrative style, but I’m not certain that it won’t work–that it will seem too incongruous. But either way, I got everything down that needs to be got down. All the scenes are there now to be rearranged or trimmed or expanded as necessary in editing.

I have no doubt that before the weekend is out, I’ll be finished with a draft. I wish that felt a bit more final and exciting, but at the same time I’m glad it doesn’t. I like to think it means I’m taking a longer and more thoughtful approach than I had with efforts in the old days, which I’d finish and be bored by and then send off with a shrug hoping someone would give me loads of money for it.