Palm Sunday: Callicoon, New York
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Good Friday to Easter marks Christ’s death to resurrection. Interesting to think of it mirrored inversely as today to Good Friday marks his fall from king to condemned.

Thinking of Instagram’d meals and the reasons behind them yesterday led me to thinking about the general idea of curating our lives. Whether online, or in our answer to the Monday morning coworker who asks what our weekend entailed. With no particular aim I thought I might try and take pictures throughout the day without necessarily focusing on the best or worst or most attractive, but what just seemed representative of the periods around the moment. Also tried to not pose them or work the camera to make them particularly interesting or artistic (and I probably couldn’t if I tried anyway).

Ready before the coffee.
The General.
Annual Kiwanis Palm Sunday pancake breakfast at the youth center.
Friends hosted brunch. Averill enlisted me to help build a fortress in the woods behind their house.
Back home, watered the chickens.
Tried cucumber sandwich and tonic again. Added tomato and brie to the sandwich, lime juice and Tobasco to the tonic. Both quite good.
To the playground while Sammy napped.
Unexpected kids section in the Sunday Times.
Last blurs before bed.
Bit of work.
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