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No one has yet mentioned that Southern soul food was largely brought about by slaves, using the scraps from their masters. No well-to-do white folks were eating bitter collard greens, etc…

Total guess–but I would think that slaves would have gravitated towards food that packed a punch, and given them the energy needed for their long, back-breaking days. That's perhaps one side of what you describe as "richness". The other, ie fried and other very flavorful preparation, may have something to do with the fact they were using scraps and probably needed lots of seasoning to make it palatable; not unlike how Americans popularized cocktails during Prohibition because our liquor was bootleg garbage that needed mixers.

Apropos: I saw somewhere on Reddit not long ago that English cuisine is considered dull because they have long had access to quality food that didn't breed the same levels of creativity that other regions were forced to develop.

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