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And geez–moral ambiguity? If anything, the movie is hokey. One of the big revelations of the film (one of, since it seems like there is a profound and moving revelation in every scene) is that the dead father-figure tells the disgraced cop (as his headphones block the intense brightness and heat of a roaring flame, but I digress) that all he needs is love, and said disgraced cop turns on a dime to ask forgiveness of those he wronged and dedicate himself to making the world a better place. Oh, and his dad died(!) so that's why he threw someone out of a window.

That's a lot of things, but it ain't morally ambiguous. Nobody in this movie is believable. But there's nothing to make it seem like intentional caricature or parody. People have zero sympathy for the woman whose daughter was raped and killed, but a ton for the chief?

I mean I guess with all of the "nigger" and "retard" jokes (no political correctness here!) and the journalist pushing incredibly irresponsible and dubious suggestions that the billboards are responsible for the suicide, and the constant turning of a blind eye to police brutality, it's some sort of commentary on America under Trump? If so, fine, but it's really poorly executed and a garbage movie. First one I've been tempted to walk out of since PEARL HARBOR.

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