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A fair point to be sure, but I thought it seemed in keeping with the spirit of the film.

I want this character to be sympathetic–why don't you give him terminal cancer?

I want this character to seem a bit emotionally stunted–how about he lives with his mom and walks around listening to headphones and reading comic books?

I want to show that the town, in spite of its sympathy for the woman's quest for justice, really sides with the chief of police–how about a medical professional attempts to remove (with a drill?) the woman's tooth without anesthesia?

And of course I need to throw in a couple of actors of color–Okay, but on one condition: in a town populated entirely by incredibly dark and flawed people, they only have one vice, and that is "sass".

I want to discuss the issues I had with this movie–say it's the worst one you've ever seen.

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