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My great-grandfather was a good man who wanted to be better than what he felt he was. But he was the son of a convicted murderer in a very small community in depression-era Georgia, and he couldn't escape his last name. His son, my grandfather, was a brilliant young student, but he was told by the local committee that managed college funds there was no way a McCullough was ever going to get a scholarship.

So ultimately, I think my great-grandfather felt that, based on the toxicity of his own relationship with his father, the best thing he could do for his children was to extract himself. So he took a job as a prison guard in another county. Ultimately, he took a train to California with another woman. Once there he called his wife and said he was sorry for everything, and a few days later he finally succumbed to health issues relating to his service in the first world war.

After he had left home, but before he went to California, his son went to a Junior College in the same area my great-grandfather was working. Seeing his father walking toward him, he crossed the street to avoid him. He hated himself for it the rest of his life, and never knew whether his father had seen him or not.

He never saw him again.

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