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Thanks for pointing this out. I always think it's worth noting that the endurance of slavery usually had more to do with geographical latitude than morality. Slaves couldn't be utilized to much of a worthwhile economic end in colder climates. Growing anything in such places took so much careful nurturing and planning, that you had no real way of utilizing a ton of free labor, versus in warmer regions, where things grew so readily and plentifully, you needed a lot more hands on deck for harvesting.

The history of the US abolition in particular starts in the extreme north and slowly works its way south. Even at the outbreak of the War Between the States one can see how the states deepest in the South were most vocal about defending slavery, while mid-Southern States fought more reluctantly, and only when faced with a choice between giving Lincoln troops or joining the Confederacy, while the northernmost Southern states like Maryland and Delaware ultimately allowed themselves to remain in the Union.

As a Southerner, it always drives me crazy how people seem to suggest the Yankees were just inherently more moral. Like with most wars, it just came down to economics.

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