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You seem to know your stuff vis a vis South Carolina! The geography has been maddening. My ancestor seems initially linked with "Ninety-Six", which seems to have been a pretty large catch-all for the western frontier. But it seems like, without moving, his location seems variously referred to as the Saxe-Gotha region, Newberry District, Dutch Fork, Craven County…

The one plat I'm most certain of is him (been hard to determine how many different George McCulloughs there might have been, if more than one) is from a 1786 plat which shows him neighboring known related families and which gives locations of "Broad River", "Cannons Creek", and "Ninety Six District". But the craziest thing is that those same neighboring families (but not George McCullough) are all listed in proximity to one another in the 1790 census in "Orangeburg"?!?

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