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I'm pretty much in the same boat, but my pastor once argued for a hard-line Young Earth Creationism based on a literal interpretation of Genesis by essentially asking the question "who are you listening to/believing?" I found it a pretty compelling point.

Because if any of us read the scriptural account of creation with no other information / outside influences, we wouldn't say "I bet when it says 7 days, it actually means 7 multi-billion year epochs", we would take it at face value.

When we start to argue that it doesn't really mean what it says, it's because we're trying to make it gibe with the latest hypotheses of scientists because we don't want to sound stupid. And if we'll do it for what God says about creation, then we'll probably do it for what he says about right and wrong when we don't want to sound bigoted or judgmental to the world.

It's tricky, because the strict creationist interpretation doesn't really gibe with my personal experience or perspective, but then, neither does life after death. And I'm opposed to reactionary anti-intellectualism.

But ultimately, if we agree that God in any way created the universe, it's absurd to say "Well but He couldn't have done it THAT way". So while it does make sense that the world is billions of years old, that doesn't seem to be what Scripture says, and that's my authority.

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