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My dad's dad died when my dad was young, and my dad died when I was young. I knew my dad had loved me, but I couldn't see him or talk to him. And I'd see how many of my other friends had close relationships with their granddads and I thought that if my granddad had ever met me, we would have meant the world to each other. It seemed unfair that just because he had an untimely death, we didn't get to have a relationship. So as far as I'm concerned we do. And if we can, in my mind, why not his father? Or his? Or his?

That's how I got sucked in.

Beyond that, everyone loves stories, and narratives that teach us lessons. We like to read about heroism in war because it teaches us what incredible things humans are capable of. Well to me, that becomes infinitely more powerful when the individuals in the stories share my blood.

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