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I won't vote for either of them, ever, but my biggest gripe with her was well-articulated in a NYTimes op-ed months back. I can't stand public figures deciding they want to become public servants and going directly to the very top position. One of the great things about Congress (either on the State or Federal level) is that you can go in with big ideas, then get under the wing of an experienced lawmaker to learn the ropes of how it all works. I know a lot of us love the idea that so much of that "learning the ropes" is bureaucracy, corruption, compromise, whatever, and the best thing in the world is getting in an outsider, Mr. Smith type, but in reality, no one in the military starts off as a general, no one in a career field starts as CEO, so why should a political neophyte's introduction be at the very top post?

No one would have ever given her the time of day if she wasn't a (minor) celebrity. It's really unfortunate how that's become such a big path to governmental leadership these days.

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