AITA for refusing to keep my car’s cruise control turned off when not in use?
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I know this is a pretty lame AITA, but I can't figure out any better place to pose this question. My wife has the same very strong opinion that my mom always used to have, which is that keeping cruise control turned on in your car when not in use "wastes the battery". Now, I'm willing to accept that there is some level of extra battery use to have cruise control turned on, but I imagine it pales in comparison to the radio, headlights, other console displays, etc… and it's not something that stays on once the car is turned off, so it can't drain the battery in any meaningful way.

I like using cruise control frequently, and it irks me to set my speed and then say "oh wait, it's not turned on". But any time my wife's in the car and sees it turned on, she gets annoyed.

So AITA for keeping my my cruise control turned on?

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