Help interpreting a plat/survey?
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I've dug up a "plat" on behalf of my ancestor that emigrated from Ireland to South Carolina in the early 1770s. I've transcribed the text, but am wondering about the actual drawing/markings. I'm wondering if there are any latitude/longitude numbers (or other absolute values) in there for me to be able to determine where this is? Not only would it be neat to actually know the exact spot of American soil we ever owned, but I assume it will be helpful in tracking immediate descendants if I can compare it with other deeds…

If it's helpful, the main text reads:

South Carolina. Pursuant to a precept from John Bremar Esq. D.S.G. dated the 19th of Nov. 1772, I have admeasured and laid out a tract of land for George McCulloughch containing 100 Acres, situate in Craven County, N. of Saluda, on a branch of Big Creek: Bounded N. & S. on lands the owners not known E. & W. by vacant land: And hath such shape and makes as the above plat represents. Surv’d the 6th of January 1773 and certified by me Jno Armstrong, D.S.

[src: PMcCullough @ reddit]