Jim gets a job painting traffic lines on the road
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The boss tells him that they expect about 3 miles a day out of him. So day 1, Jim paints 8 miles. The boss can't believe it. He takes Jim out to dinner to show his appreciation for his incredible work ethic. The next day, Jim paints 6 miles. A bit of a dip, but still amazing. But then the next day he paints only 2 miles, then the next day, just 1.

The boss takes Jim aside and says "Look, you did so much the first couple of days I won't fire you for slacking today and yesterday, but like I told you, you gotta' paint at least 3 miles a day if you want to keep this job. Now–how do you account for doing so well the first couple days, then doing so bad?"

"Well boss," says Jim, "It's just got to where it takes such a long time to get back to the paint bucket."

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